Spoc-Hall of Fame: Flash Interview with MMM

In this section we will present the Spocal Power Users that have been selected to be part of the Spoc-Hall of Fame.

The purpose of the Spoc-Hall of Fame is for our Spocal community to have the chance to gain some insights into the most interesting and intriguing personalities we meet on Spocal.

We have prepared a flash interview consisting of eight questions that should be answered in one or two sentences by the new members of the Spoc-Hall of Fame. Without any further delay, let me introduce you to today’s Spocaler …. *drums*

MMM on Spocal

MMM – The Monday Mystery Man

With games, challenges, cool gadgets and tips, MMM has been delighting the Spocalers with regular contributions, as his name says, on Mondays. His posts brings us long moments of entertainment and surprise. To better grasp what I am talking about, find his art at the MMM Studio on Spocal.

Here we go with the flash interview. Enter MMM:

1. What is your story?

Als kleines Kind bin ich an einem Montag in einen Sammelcontainer voll mit radioaktiven Internetmodems gefallen.

2. Does your nickname have a special meaning?


3. What makes you laugh?

Vieles, dieses Youtube Video zum Beispiel:

4. What makes you cry?

Die Schlussszene aus “Der Club der toten Dichter”, als Mr. Keating das Schulzimmer verlässt.

5. Favourite drink?

Pilsner Urquell – Dieses Bier hat meinen Geschmack einfach perfekt getroffen.

6. Bar or disco?

Unentschieden, ich halte mich in beidem gerne auf.

7. What is your biggest dream?

Die Welt ein bisschen besser zurück zu lassen, als ich sie vorgefunden habe.

8. Who should be next in this flash interview round?


So, dear Spocalers, stay tuned for our next nominee!

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