Spoc-Hall of Fame: Flash Interview with Dreamer

It is incredible how many personalities contribute on Spocal with great content, share their art, and have an impact on the rest of us in one way or another: by making us smile or laugh, giving us their insights, helping us with a confusing situation or by simply having a nice, warm conversation.

That is why the list of candidates and nominees keeps on growing. We are ready for the fourth series of Spoc-Hall of Fame nominations! After GvN Style CoachMonday Mystery Man and Joker we are ready to present our next nominee.

This week we are proud to welcome to the Spoc-Hall of Fame… *drums*

Dreamer Avatar on Spocal


Dreamer belongs to the pioneers of Spocal. She has been incredibly engaged: starting and firing discussions, welcoming newcomers and spreading the word. She contributes regularly with great inspirational quotes and thoughts that get A LOT of responses and likes, that is why it is easier to find her posts under the “most discussed” and “most liked” sections. Her positive and authentic personality has led her to connect  with many Spocalers and beyond!

Recently, she also started a blog: “Unwrapped dreams“. Definitely worth to check out and follow!

Enter Dreamer.

1. What is your story?

It has only just begun and I’m looking forward to writing another page each morning I get up.

2. Does your nickname have a special meaning?

I think that we live in a world that has no longer room for dreams. We are all pushed into following a certain pattern and it is too easy to forget that once when we were little we all dreamt of becoming a pilot or a rockstar. We all dreamt of a better world. So yes, my nickname does have a special meaning since I believe that dreams really do come true if you have faith in them and in yourself.

3. What makes you laugh?

Spending time with my closest friends who know how to make me laugh even if I feel like crying.

4. What makes you cry?

A lot of things, actually🙂 It would be hard to list all of them here, that’s why I’m simply gonna say that I’m quite an emotional person.

5. Favourite drink?

Since I’m not really into drinking I’m gonna go with water because at the end of the day it is quite enough😛

6. Bar or disco?

Definitely Bar. I like to talk to people to really get to know them, which is much easier in a Bar than in a disco.

7. What is your biggest dream?

Dreams change as you move on with your life, but one dream of mine has always stayed the same. And that would be that no matter what happens and no matter what I’m gonna do in the future, I will stay true to myself and never change just for the sake of fitting into someone else’s idea of life and happiness.

8. Who should be next in this flash interview round?

I would definitely give the MMM, Chefkoch and nohomo a shot in letting you discover their true selves🙂


So, we might have our next nominee! Stay tuned Spocalers…

Oh! Another nomination we are really happy about is that the Spocal App was nominated in the SwissAppAwards as the Best Web App of 2011. It would be awesome if you could vote for us here before the deadline!


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