Spoc-Hall of Fame: Flash Interview with Arizona

Welcome back to the Spoc-Hall of Fame nominations!

The list keeps on growing:

We’ve got a legendary personality of Spocal for this week! We are proud to welcome to the Spoc-Hall of Fame… *drums*

Arizona Avatar on Spocal


Already during the very early days of Spocal Arizona was around. He started sharing poems, songs and great expressions of his passion: RAP. Arizona was one of the first ones to claim for a way to recognize users on a permanent basis. He used to append his signature to every post:

[ArizonaStar 01 **Let the rythmn speak and the beat kick, as we allow the words we speak to be the medium that sets us free***PEACE]

Which is one of the reasons why today we have nicknames on Spocal =) I also found this really cool post, one of the first ones of Arizona: a Tribute to Einstein

So, please enter Arizona.

1. What is your story?

My story is your story is their story is our story is her story is history. My point is, let me put it this way….someone once said (St.Augustine If I can recall) that a universe cannot exist without a mind to observe it…so you ask yourself, what is the point of me having said that…well, I only have a story because others have stories, my story cannot exist without the stories of others, and everyones story is connected to every other, and we are constantly cowriting stories, what matters are stories of hope, justice, strength,courage, perseverance in the face of adversity, servanthood, humility……my story is intimate and personal, and the world is not yet ready to recieve it.

2. Does your nickname have a special meaning?

Does yours? Regarding mine, not really, I just liked the sound of it😀

3. What makes you laugh?

Good humour, good irony, scare tactics, verstehen sie Spass, good standup comedy e.g. Pablo Francisco and his impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenneger, etc.

4. What makes you cry?

The great moments in human history that have marked the course of humanity, especially if captured on camera,e.g. the speeches of M.Luther King, Charlie Chaplin`s speech in – the great dictator, the breaking of the berlin wall, the struggle of grassroot groups and the individual efforts of all to bring to its kness the racist regime of the apartheid government in the RSA, to see men in positions of victory, when I listen to Bach and the works and deeds of Jesus Christ. The only times I “cry” by this I mean get teary eyes, are when I see things that are so called “grossartig”.

5. Favourite drink?

Protein shake😀

6. Bar or disco?

Neither, chilling in a good coffee lounge with groovy lounge vibes, or in an apartment that is comfy with positively vibed company, and also chilling in the studio attacking tracks in a recording session, which ive started to enjoy as im pretty new to recording.

7. What is your biggest dream?

1. To be able to develop myself professionally as a songwriter, rapper, and singer

2. To better my currently not so good singing skills

3. To be able to live off my music

4. To use music as a means of effecting change, and as a tool to address issues such as war, crime, suicide, humanitarian issues, love, feelings of self worth, loneliness, purpose and other issues that we, as humans are confronted with everyday – of course while being melodic as crazy, with catchy melody and home run hitting rhymes😀

5. To somehow work for the United Nations or a similar organization

8. Who should be next in this flash interview round?

You, and eh, you too if you reading this……..I’d say Dreamer – shes pretty cool I guess


What do you think? Who should be next?

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