Spoc-Hall of Fame: Flash Interview with KickAss

Welcome back to the Spoc-Hall of Fame nominations!

So far, this is our list:

We’ve got an awesome personality of Spocal for this week!

We are proud to welcome to the Spoc-Hall of Fame… *drums*

KickAss Avatar on Spocal


KickAss has been around since December 2011, the 13th to be precise. Luck? Who knows.

In any case, our surfer Spocaler is a heavy commenter on Spocal. To any topic, at any time he will always have the right comment. KickAss goes straight to the point. He gives to his comments a spicy touch and if needed, kicks some ass around.

We are sure he will be one of the first power users to jump on to the Spocal Android App!… (hmmm, when was that again?)

Enter KickAss

1. What is your story?

I’m not feelin that creative today.

2. Does your nickname have a special meaning?

Some years ago when I was surfing in Biarriz, I met a guy who had a small corner shop called “KickAss”, designing his own T-shirts and selling them. I like his lifestyle and yeah… the movie KickAss also impressed me.

3. What makes you laugh?

My Dog called Pluto.

4. What makes you cry?

Things worth to cry about. I don’t cry alot.

5. Favourite drink?


6. Bar or disco?

Nightlife should never have routines!

7. What is your biggest dream?

To die as a happy old man with a big family.

8. Who should be next in this flash interview round?



Tortoise might be….!

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