Capture the flag – The Gbanga Spocal Quest

Gbanga Spocal Quest

Dear Spocalers,

There has always been a certain rivalry between the students of the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich. ETH students go over to the University’s cafeteria to have lunch – for which the University students bitterly complain – and University students go for drinks to the ETH bar – for which actually, ETH students do not complain that much. Well, this rivalry is about to be taken to the next level.

We are excited to announce a collaboration with Gbanga to launch the Gbanga Spocal Quest, to be played out in the Mafia-themed game, Gbanga Famiglia. Gbanga Famiglia is a location-based game for mobile phones, which allows players to compete over real-world territory and establishments, anywhere in the world. Players can also complete special quests that further blend the boundaries between real and digital worlds, such as delivering virtual Mafia cash to the locations of real-world banks.

Spocal will be adding a healthy mix of friendly rivalry to the Gbanga Spocal Quest, which is a real-world ‘capture the flag‘ game between two Universities in Zurich: the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. ETH and University of Zurich students—and all Gbanga Famiglia players—will be competing over virtual territory that is linked to the real-world locations of each university. Players can interact and takeover rival territories by walking between locations while playing Gbanga Famiglia on a mobile phone.

To participate in the Gbanga Spocal Quest follow this two simple steps:

  1. Download Gbanga Famiglia (available FREE for iPhone, iPad and iPod)
  2. Join one of the two families: DonETH or DonUniZH. Check out the instructions here to see how to join a family.

Once a member of either Famiglia, you must physically visit rival university campuses to take-over and defend locations virtually while playing Gbanga. Check out where the flags are, choose the one you want to pick and go for it. To find out the exact location of the flags and further information about the quest, please visit

We wish you all a lot of fun!

Your Spocal Team
You rock!

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